A small step towards a great result

A small step towards a great result

The world never stands still. Everything is changing, so is our life. Moreover, these changes do not always have a positive effect on us.

As a company, we have a responsible attitude to environmental protection because of its vital significance. When we participate in or attend international events, we pay special attention to solutions and innovations that aim to measure, assess and improve air quality. 

At Websummit 2019 we met Jakub Madej, an International Consultant at the Air Quality Monitoring & Forecasting Center, who represented the startup Airly. There we also get acquainted with Rachel Leung, Project Officer from ASA Innovation & Technology Ltd. She presented Airluna. It is a device designed to integrate into space as a lamp that constantly monitors your air quality.

Also, we work as an R&D team with PRANA in the direction of developing and creating a mobile application for indoor air quality and managing ventilation devices like the PRANA recuperator. While taking part in UK Tech Week Turkey, we met David Green, Senior Business Development Manager at EarthSense. They develop solutions for assurance of air quality as well as for monitoring and modeling of air pollution data.

Now, we have the opportunity to join the testing of the solution from ЛУН Місто Air to measure air pollution, humidity, and air temperature. This project aims to draw people’s attention to air quality as much as possible and contribute to its improvement. 

Air pollution data measure on the AQI scale. The higher the rate, the worse it is for human health.

We believe that cooperation between Keplercode and ЛУН Місто Air will make a significant contribution to improving people’s lives.