Celonis: a new market leader in process mining

Celonis: a new market leader in process mining

Keplercode, as a company, offers complex business solutions, continuously improving technological potential and looking for a new efficient way to make our customers’ businesses more successful, innovative, and stable. Last year, our business partner Brooks Olphin discovered the new market leader in Process Mining – Celonis

We recently had an opportunity to join the conference and see the possibilities and potential of this technology. Brett Bange, Head of Business Value Architecture, Americas at Celonis, shared the best practices for benchmarking and adoption of post-Celonis implementation. 

Lars Reinkemeyer, Vice President and Customer Transformation Celonis, shared his experience in creating a center of excellence to drive value, management assistance, and customer support. 

Jessica Ambrose, Vice President at Celonis, and Andreas Plaininger, Senior Product Manager at Celonis, showed how to combine vital user interaction data with business data and how any company can use it for own benefit. 

Mark Kerremans, vice president and analyst at Gartner, discussed how leaders should use core technologies such as task and process mining, workflow automation, analytics to implement the Digital Ops strategy and meet business goals better than ever before.

Our colleague Alexandra Dzihovska, an engineer that develops business solutions based on RPA(UIPath) and Celonis EMS, noted that it was helpful to improve practical skills during basecamps by building analysis, writing managing process models with PQL, or immerse in details such as SDK and real-time data extractors. 

We also applied Celonis technology to visualize the performance of HR and financial processes automated by RPA (UIPath)

If you are also interested in the process and task mining as well as robotic process automation, join us! We are always happy to cooperate with everyone who thinks alike!