“Ideas without execution are hallucinations”

Thomas Edison


From October 26th to 30th, we will attend the session of online seminars “DC KOREA ONLINE EXPO 2020”. There we will learn about the experience of prominent speakers from various foreign companies in running their business and will see presentations of new programs and devices. For example, Seungjin Choi will tell us about notable domestic digital content companies in 2021, Seo-gi Park will share his knowledge about the latest industry trends and trends in digital content, SC Park (GavaPlus) will present us “Braindoctor Tablet” which diagnosis dementia condition and cognitive function, James Kim (HelloFactory) will show us “HelloBell” which enables simple, fast and smart communication among customers, staffs, and managers in offline business sectors and Kim Young Real (KSEEK) will present us the app “Follow me” which supports interactive broadcasting, advertising, quiz, online quiz SNS, global content platform, etc.

At this online event, we will also share our experience in creating business opportunities between foreign buyers and Korean companies located in the relevant business industries.

At the end of the event, we will be sure to share all the information with you.