Promising Ukrainian innovations

Promising Ukrainian innovations

The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to our lives, but the sphere of innovation in Ukraine continues to develop actively. Ukraine is becoming a country that creates promising technological projects. Startups have been able to attract significant foreign investments. This fact proves that Ukraine is one of the strongest Eastern European players in the field of innovation.

Thus, according to AVentures Capital, the amount of venture capital investments in Ukrainian technology companies in 2020 reached a record figure of $571 million. Most of the funds came from global companies, which consider Ukraine as a place for R&D offices. The Good Country Index ranked our country 13th in developing science and technology globally, putting us close to Germany and France (11th and 12th places respectively).

Now we would like to inform you about prosperous startups in Ukraine.

Grammarly is a service that helps to write texts in English and allows you to make them more efficient and clear. The artificial intelligence system analyzes each sentence and text in general and suggests how to improve it. The service offers recommendations on the message’s correctness, clarity, engagement, and tone. 

Ajax Systems is a tech company that creates solutions on the cutting edge of technology and science and puts those innovations into devices. Ajax security systems operate in the most extreme conditions, always ready to protect from thieves, fires, or leaks that can cause harm to property and people.

Reface is an AI/ML startup shifting from a face-swapping app to a social platform for personalized content creation and unlimited self-expression of the future.

UGEARS is a Ukrainian startup that produces unique wooden mechanical 3D constructors that confidently gain popularity worldwide. The models are available in 85 countries on 5 continents worldwide.

Petcube is a device for those who have pets. The company’s first gadget allows watching after your pet from a distance. Being one of the most famous Ukrainian startups in recent years, The Europas recognized it as the best startup in Europe in 2014.

Clickky is the largest independent platform in Eastern Europe, where advertising is distributed through mobile devices. The company’s partners are prominent business representatives from the United States and Alibaba, which owns China’s largest online stores. The largest independent mobile advertising platform in Eastern Europe focuses on attracting new users and monetizing mobile applications.

Augmented Pixels is a Ukrainian team that develops solutions in the sphere of augmented reality. As they say, they successfully create a world where people can cooperate and generate new knowledge on the same earth-scale 3D map by using smartphones, AR glasses, and robots. The company’s customers are Samsung, Qualcomm, and National Geographic.

Preply is a Ukrainian service that allows its user to search for local and online tutors. It helps find a foreign language specialist for hobbies, school curricula, and even business. Users are given a choice not only among local but also from online tutors among other countries.

QROK is a Ukrainian startup that has become a partner of Google in developing navigation in spaces where GPS signals cannot be received. In particular, tunnels, inside buildings, business centers, parking, and shopping malls.

Esper Bionics is a project aimed at creating a robotic bionic arm for amputees. Robohand is a prosthesis with intuitive control technology.

Carbominer is a carbon dioxide (CO2) startup. It is a technology that extracts carbon dioxide from the air. The main point behind this idea is that CO2 is needed in greenhouses which use it to accelerate plant growth.

Propertymate is designed to help real estate agents in the United States deal with customers more quickly and efficiently. It is an online platform that helps buyers find all the information about a new building. Artificial intelligence analyzes customer data and predicts their biggest interest.

Ukrainian startup ChoiZY is dedicated to professional orientation. This online platform is useful for young people when they choose a profession as well as for specialists that are willing to share their experiences. After registering, teenagers can choose one of the professions, watch videos, and perform tasks.

There are many more promising and successful startups in Ukraine. Each of them is unique and aims to solve problems varying from education to ecology issues. So we can be proud of our compatriots because they all make a significant contribution just to the development of various sectors worldwide.