We have improved our knowledge and are ready to apply it

“QA fwdays’20 Autumn online conference”

We have improved our knowledge and are ready to apply it

Recently, we had the opportunity to take part in the QA fwdays’20 Autumn online conference. The most interesting topics for us were about testing authentication and authorization for security, testing user scenarios, and APIs.

There was a presentation from Roman Borenko about his company IT Inclusive and Accessibility testing. It is a social organization where people with disabilities create recommendations for web and mobile applications and test it for compliance with the international standard of accessibility WCAG 2.1.

Also at the conference was Roman Lubun, who has 17 years in IT, 8 years in test automation, 6 years of leading and management experience. We discussed with his collaboration in the potential projects and modern approaches to automated testing.

Mykola Perehinets shared the best practices and actual secrets of Performance Testing.

Our QA / QC engineers get acquainted with practical secrets of performance and APIs testing and how to test authentication and authorization.

So for us, this conference was certainly not a waste of time but an excellent opportunity to deepen knowledge in different types of testing and even communicate with professionals who have extensive experience in QA. Now it’s time to practice and apply new knowledge, benefiting our customers.