The importance of the word no in our lives

The importance of the word "no" in our lives

Have you ever been in a state of endless bustle and haste, facing various offers and possibilities? Maybe you tried to spend every minute on dozens of «productive» activities, making you look very effective? Did you feel that you cannot concentrate on the really important things because of such a rhythm of life?

Everyone has a relative, a friend, or a colleague who requires too much attention and uses our time and our reliability endlessly. Their problems distract us from ours. If you don’t set your boundaries, they’ll make you put all your energy into what’s necessary to them, not you.

Of course, «no» sounds disappointing and even outrageous. By saying it, you may feel like you’re missing something significant and fascinating. However, in this way, you set healthy boundaries and allow others to clarify what they can expect from you. You can wisely and usefully manage your powers and time. Just give yourself a minute, pause, assess the situation, and decide if it’s really beneficial for you and the others.

The ability to say «no» can allow you to be more honest with yourself and others.

A helpful strategy that can allow you to say «no» with greater ease is clarifying the types of things you want to say «yes» to. Make a list of your top three priorities in life. Place these priorities where you will see them constantly: bathroom mirror, bedside table, or laptop. When someone asks you for a favor, make sure whether what you are ready to spend your time and energy on is useful for you. If that is the case, don’t hesitate to give an affirmative answer. If it does not suit your priorities, say no.

It is essential to develop a way of life that is based on choosing what is necessary, giving up everything superfluous and disturbing. It generally applies to everything: work, hobbies, entertainment, communication, shopping, and other things we spend our time, energy, and resources on. The main idea is that we can get more out of life by rejecting everything else than grasping at everything.