Upgrade your knowledge together with Keplercode

“Introduction to TensorFlow”

Upgrade your knowledge together with Keplercode

It is no secret that Keplercode is always ready to offer you development opportunities in the form of training and workshops. We, as a company, focus on practical skills and cutting-edge technologies. That is why we prepare material for such events with great responsibility and diligence, cooperating with the best specialists in the field.

One of such specialists is Oleh Babiy. He has experience in the IT field. Also, Oleh has many professional achievements and certifications, one of which is Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization.

Starting this week, Oleh Babiy will hold the first seminar session about Interaction with TensorFlow. Sometimes, it is hard to start doing something interesting with TensorFlow because it looks enormous and scary. So this interaction presentation should show some useful tips and steps to begin using TensorFlow and to start building some cool projects. Also, some hardware comparison is included as a part of the presentation to show some basic ideas related to hardware and combining all elements.

You can register for our seminar or order it for your team by following the link.

So don’t hesitate to become the engineer of the future!