Web Summit 2021

Web Summit 2021: Largest in-person tech event since the pandemic began

Recently we visited a Web Summit that welcomed 42,751 attendees from 128 countries. For the first time, more women were attending this event than men. It started in 2016 with the launch of the Web Summit Women in Tech initiative. 

748 speakers delivered 1,333 talks in the four-day event, including fireside chats, Q&As, keynotes, roundtables, and masterclasses. One and a half thousand startups participated in the event, making Web Summit the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in the world this year. 

We are not the only ones excited about this. Forbes says Web Summit is “the best tech conference on the planet”; Bloomberg calls it “Davos for geeks”; Politico “the Olympics of tech”; the Guardian “Glastonbury for geeks”. In the words of Sky News, Web Summit is “the world’s most influential tech event”, and the Telegraph calls it the “planet’s best tech conference”.

Of course, this event did not pass us by. We met interesting people and noted promising startups, services, and communities. It was informative to hear the experiences of others and to share our values, purpose, plans, and achievements.

We are grateful to all those who have shown interest in meeting with us on Web Summit, for your sincerity in our conversations and hope that our productive communication will turn into long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation.