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We exist to create real value for businesses. We do this by combining years of experience and expertise with a fierce commitment to results and performance. We succeed when you succeed.


Meeting customer expectation

We offer a wide range of software development services for all needs. We also set high standards for our code quality and our expertise is solid.



We’re specialists at solving problems in various disciplines, including web development, custom software development, mobile app development, application testing, management and support.



We’re committed to always delivering the best possible product. To achieve that we work under Agile Development methodologies, establish clear milestones and timelines and communicate clearly throughout.



We’ve got vast experience working across a range of industries including advertising and marketing, gaming, entertainment, eCommerce, healthcare and medical as well as financial services.

What clients say

Buycel Founder, Data Company

Keplercode’s expertise is evident across all projects, and they follow specs precisely. They work hard to understand wider customer objectives, overcoming potentially difficult cultural hurdles. Their responsiveness and enthusiasm for their work also serve to make their services a good value.

CTO, Wooly

Users have responded enthusiastically to Keplercode’s software and praise its functionality. The team takes a customer-centric approach, working well with internal developers. Collaborative and technically skilled, they continue to be critical partners in the engagement.

Founder & CEO, Underwrite

The feedback from users has been positive and the in-house team is impressed with the quality of Keplercode’s work. Knowledgeable and proactive, Keplercode met all needs, while their superb communication skills helped them establish a seamless process.

PointData Founder, Data Company

They have a real passion for development and understand their client’s business needs and requirements. I plan to stay with them as my business grows.

CTO, Wooly

I’ve worked with many companies over the years, and Keplercode’s coding skills are top-notch. They’re easier to work with than larger agencies, and the management is honest. Whenever we request additional resources, they allow us to test out their developers before integrating them into the team. They have some of the best developers I’ve seen, and I’ll always recommend them.

CTO, Zengaming

Their work is consistently high-quality and in line with coding standards. Keplercode is very accommodating, adapting their workflow to their clients’ needs. They’re communicative and responsive. If there’s an urgent problem, they’re willing to work overtime to assure the project stays on track.

Jordy, SkinStock

What I like the most about Keplercode’s team is that communication is amazing, never had such great communication with a client before. They listen to our needs very well and deliver in time. Everyone is very kind and that works very motivating as well. Thank you for working with us!

Magnus, EarnSkins

Site looks awesome and I love the fact that you’re putting great effort into it!


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