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We bring ideas to life

From concept development all the way through to implementation and maintenance, we give your idea the attention it requires.

Keplercode is a technology asset in the International Business Platform, which creates core innovative products and services essential for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs to grow and succeed.

Our goal to create long-term relationship and partnership to provide maximum value to end customers with a short timeline and optimized resources, providing digitalization as a way to make business more efficient.

Our Vision and Mission

We know that behind every big dream is a dreamer. We believe everyone should follow their dreams and have those dreams come true. These dreams can be large, some dream to touch the stars and expand the universe of our knowledge.

Johannes Kepler was one of them. He was a famous philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and optician who was discovering the Universe and worked to discover its mystifying harmony. His laws helped structure and systematize our knowledge as well as bring his discoveries and dreams to people.

We believe we can fulfill your dream as well and bring your business vision to reality by developing and implementing a successful solution.

Our mission is the continuous improvement and development of our technological potential and to look for a new efficient way to make our customers’ businesses more successful, innovative, and stable.

Our History

Keplercode was formed in 2016 by experienced developers Yaroslav Leshchuk, Vasyl Kogut, and Taras Vinskovsky. Their dream was to work on projects with clients. At the same time, building their company with the ideas of openness, cooperation, justice, and unprecedented aiming for the result. What a challenge it was! The company became stronger, grew, and started to expand its horizons.

In 2018, Keplercode grew further when business partners Julia Chudinova joined the company.

In 2019, Keplercode started the development of its own product, the People Lifesaver Platform, which ties directly to the company’s mission. Also, the company launched an internal Technology Academy for employees and the best students from Ukrainian universities. In addition, together with our business partners, the Business Academy was launched, a joint project, which collaborates with the best graduating students from the American Business School at Coastal Carolina University. Also, we started integration in the global platform and ecosystem – International Business Platform.

You might think we would stop at this point. We say No! There are many challenges ahead needing to be solved.
The Universe is waiting!

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Board of Directors

What started out as a partners working together has grown into a formidable team of specialists who help businesses overcome problems and bring innovation in his business.

Julia Chudinova

Chief Operating Officer

Head of Business Development and Sales Management Department

“I am always happy to cooperate with other companies and treat every idea with respect.”

Yaroslav Leshchuk


Chief Technology Officer 

Head of Software Development Department

“I like to solve client’s business problems.”

Vasyl Kogut

Chief Financial Officer 
Head of Financial and IoT/R&D Department

“I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.”

Taras Vinskovsky


Chief Compliance Officer 

Head of Infrastructure and DevOps Department 

Business Development Manager

“The Partnership Is Always My Priority.”

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