Documentation Basics

Documentation Basics




Rostyslava Harbuzyuk

Forming a group


  • Why documentation matters?
  • Document lifecycle
  • Document structure
  • Writing documents
  • Writing emails
  • Review
  • Maintenance


At work, we tend to treat our knowledge as currency. If we’re the person with all of the answers, it provides us a sense of security, as if we’re the most irreplaceable person on our team. We assume that sharing our expertise will make us less valuable.

That’s why it’s little surprise that one survey found that 60% of employees have had a difficult time getting their colleagues to share information that is vital to their work. 

Documentation increases the collective knowledge of everyone that you work with. When it becomes the norm on your team to share information, you’ll benefit from increased transparency and a culture that’s more collaborative and strategic. You’ll make smarter decisions because essential information won’t be locked away on just one person’s hard drive - or worse yet - their head.

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