Managed Security

Managed Security

Even a single attack could lead to a catastrophic loss for the company budget, its proprietary information, and its reputation. We take care of the security level, ensuring business processes and systems are safe and reliable.
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Our Expertise

We analyze the system risks and check how well the confidential data are stored to determine whether your app can be hacked.

Proactive Security Consulting

The rich practical experience and knowledge of our specialists allow us to effectively consult clients on problems related to risk management, corporate security and compliance with international requirements, thus, providing them with operative models and techniques aimed at improving the level of company safety.
We develop and provide comprehensive corporate security awareness programs composed in compliance with the best world practices for managing knowledge and staff behavior. This includes workshops, lectures, seminars, tests and consultations for your managers and team leaders, architects and analysts, developers and testers.

Penetration Testing

To identify existing vulnerabilities in the client’s IT infrastructure, we play the role of an intruder who conducts black/gray/white-box penetration testing to practically demonstrate the possibility of exploiting vulnerabilities. After the procedure, we form recommendations on how to eliminate the identified weaknesses.

By studying a source code of the software, we determine its incorrectly working components and possible code gaps that are potentially vulnerable to external attacks. Such an analysis also allows us to detect atypical reactions, like unauthorized requests for data or a hidden data transmission channel.

Vulnerability Assessment

The abundance of business applications on the market makes them a target for hackers of various skill levels. Vulnerability scanners tools, also known as dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools, are a powerful weapon against potential app security threats, such as Cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, Command Injection, Path Traversal, and insecure server configuration.

By using the automated scanning tools based on the black box and white box scanning technology, we help our clients identify vulnerabilities in their products, fix them, and build strong protection. In complex with vulnerability assessment, we detect existing risks and gaps not only in third-party components (dependencies) but primarily in the code of a new product. The task of finding new vulnerabilities in the application isn’t limited to fingerprinting of versions, collecting banners, sorting passwords, etc. For high-quality scanning and assessment, we apply advanced algorithms that take into account the semantics of the app, its purpose, and specific threats.

Complete Security Monitoring

Information security event monitoring is used to check all security events obtained from various sources, such as anti-virus systems, operating system logs, scanners, network equipment and other roots located in the organization’s infrastructure to detect suspicious signals.

We take special actions to protect the safety and integrity of the client’s network and data, including hardware and software technologies, performing both perimeter and intra-network protection.

The main methods are redirecting traffic to a third-party protection service, protection using a telecom operator and installing special equipment in its own network.

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