Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers, and consumers.
Let's Collaborate

Keplercode's compass of principles:

The Client Is Always Our Priority

Each of our actions has the intention to care about our clients. We have a strong desire to be useful to our clients and their business. All our products, services, processes, and rules are aimed to exceed the expectations of our clients. For us, success is when our work results bring success to our clients, therefore the client’s needs are always our priority.

Our Work Is Our Passion

We believe that only sincerely enthusiastic, inspired, devoted, honest people can succeed. That is why we love our job and know that we do what is in our best expertise. 
We value people in our team, as all players inspire and support one another and all of us.

We Are Ready To Go The Extra Mile With You

Change is always expected. We all need to adapt to the changes around us to thrive in a world of continuous innovations and alterations in our life and business. 

That is why we need to continuously learn, implement innovative approaches and tools, transform ourselves, and accelerate together with our business customers.

The Secret Of Our Success Is Methodological Approach With Focus On Details

We know that each issue or problem has many solutions, so we always look for the best effective way to achieve expected results. Going in-depth helps us quickly understand the core of the issue and make it clear for resolving.

Knowledge-Sharing Culture And Atmosphere Of Helpfulness

The team is the heart of mutual. We are open to different questions and issues which might arise. There is no such concept for us as “uncomfortable to ask”, or “my question may seem absurd”, etc. We believe that one should look for a solution by oneself rather than bother colleagues with simple questions.
The well-thought-out question, which really takes a little time, gives us usually almost all the answers. At the same time, we understand that the work of the whole team may be interdependent on our willingness to help, so we are always ready and open to discuss everything thoroughly that is popping up on our way.

We Care About Our & Other’s Time

Time is money, so we don’t waste it on something insignificant. We spend every minute for the benefit of ourselves and the team: every meeting is a step forward; every action brings us closer to the goals and the biggest results. 

We take into account the priorities and urgency of the issues when we ask for help or provide it. 

Preparation for meetings is crucial for us. We notify stakeholders about possible overlaps or delays in advance. We bring on the table not only the arising problem but also possible solutions to minimize the wasting of time.

Cultural & Geographical Diversity & Experiences Make Us Enduring

We bring together people from different countries, with different worldviews and experiences, which helps us to create a corporate culture that teaches respect and sympathy. 

A culture that transforms the company into a single united entity, where each of us is a unique individual and, at the same time, part of a large and friendly family scattered around the universe. 

We are open and honest, we respect the opinion of others, we know how to listen and hear.

Result Of My Work Is An Example For Others

We believe that doing our job well means to be honest with ourselves and our colleagues. One, who does otherwise, neglects personal opportunities to grow. We strive to perform each task at the highest level: whether it is an important presentation for the client, the development of a new function in the system, preparation for a meeting, or just a response to a colleague’s letter. Is this about you? We set high standards and expectations for ourselves. We are constantly looking for possibilities for self-improvement, gaining new knowledge, skills, and opportunities.

We Do Not Pass By Any Problems

Our contribution to life is not limited to the list of daily tasks. We look wider than just routine to-do lists. We always strive to improve and add innovations to the life of our team, department, company, clients as well as the world as a whole. We are not afraid to face problems. We acknowledge that if there are some problems, we act immediately as soon as we find a solution. If we can be a part of the solution, we willingly contribute to it. If an issue is out of our competencies or area of influence, then we are on the watch for ensuring that it will be resolved effectively.

We Think, Speak, & Act Positively

We know that the universe is the limit, that is why we learn and improve ourselves continuously. Therefore, when we see mistakes, we do not give up, conversely, we make efforts to fix them based on a positive attitude. Also, we know that gratitude is an important part of teamwork. Accordingly, we remember to give recognition and appreciation to each other, and we know that just saying “Thank you” can make someone’s day a little bit better.

We are always happy to cooperate with others and treat every idea with respect!

If you have any thoughts, contact us to discuss it.​