Basics of Financial Literacy

Basics of Financial Literacy




Ihor Reznik

Forming a group


  • Financial literacy and the realities of entrepreneurs;
  • Personal financial house and basic human needs;
  • Awareness of Ukrainians about taxes and budget;
  • Challenges of pension provision.


Financial literacy is the ability and skills to manage money with minimal risks and maximum profits for oneself.
Keplercode, together with OVB Allfinanz Ukraine financial consultant Igor Reznik, has prepared a seminar – “Basics of Financial Literacy”. 

We believe that financially educated citizens make responsible decisions and feel more confident because: 
  • They take care of their financial well-being and financial independence at every stage of their lives;
  • They prepare a financial safety cushion in advance of a crisis, force majeure situations, or changes in the country.
So, do not hesitate and join the seminar because there should be more and more financially literate people!

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