How do we work?

How do we work?

Our goal to create long-term relationship and partnership to provide maximum value to end customers with a short timeline and optimized resources. That is why we created software that finds the available performer for clients’ tasks with the highest rank. Also, it calculates and optimizes the budget and estimates.

We collaborate with individual entrepreneurs around the world. All specialists are ranked via score in our internal system. The score is build based on hard and soft skills, personality, experience, and feedback from the customer, team lead, teammates. The system has algorithms that return the candidate with the best rank. The rank of all participants is updated after each project.

The plugin calculates candidates’ involvement and duration of the task that meets clients’ budget and needs, also takes into consideration the availability of candidates.

What Is The Process Of Collaboration In General?

All our individual entrepreneurs have to sign a Job Partnership, MSA (Master service agreement), NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), Security Policy, pass a background and security check, interview before they start working with our Platform.

Our Platform will sign with client MSA(Master service agreement) and NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) as well.

Our Proposal

The business development manager will gather requirements and prepare an optimized monthly proposal, where you will find the next detailed information:
  • Team composition & teammates involvement
  • Scope of work (previously agreed & prioritized with you)
  • Risks, assumptions, & limitations
  • Estimates & deliverables
  • Schedule & milestones
  • Budget & payment terms
Don’t worry, the proposal is not final. If there are objections to the proposal, we’ll discuss and update it according to the client’s feedback to bring maximum value.
If there are no objections from the client-side, the client has to send us a signed final version of Proposal.
We can start to do activities described in the proposal (eg. provide deliverables, participate in the meetings, provide daily status and weekly reports, demo, etc.).
At the end of the month, the business development manager will send a draft version of the Proposal (to discuss and prioritize with client activities for the next month) if needed, and a monthly invoice for the current month.
So you received deliverables, we received compensation, and ready for the next accomplishments.
Following such a process, we try to save the client’s money and optimize the process of work. Our main purpose – provide maximum business value during the minimal time duration.

And remember, you work not for us, but for yourself with us!

– The First Law of Kepler’s Laws

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