Educational trends

Educational trends

12.09.23 07:50 PM By Keplercode Team

Educational trends

Technological development continues to affect our lives, dictating new rules. In recent times, all spheres of our lives have undergone significant transformations. Education has not escaped that phenomenon. It is constantly changing, becoming more flexible, accessible, and advanced.

The value of the education technology sector (EdTech) is expected to increase to $680 million by 2027. It is more due to mobile technology, cloud services, and virtual reality, which will create new opportunities for affordable, fascinating learning.

Forbes has compiled a list of the biggest education and training technology trends in 2022, so let's take a look at them.

Remote learning

Since the pandemic has begun, distance learning became universal and found its way into all types of education, both formal and informal.

The market for online learning services is projected to grow by 15% annually between 2022 and 2025, reaching $50 billion. It is also becoming an increasingly popular option for on-the-job training. An IBM study found that its students could learn five times as much information at one-third of the cost to the company, resulting in a saving of $200 million.

Lifelong learning (subscription services)

Lifelong learning aims at a person's independent desire to learn and explore the world. In the current reality, we no longer need to limit ourselves to educational institutions to work in one field for the rest of our lives.

Now, the education model is very different from that known to our parents or grandparents. Access to technology provides fast, high-quality, and up-to-date learning from anywhere in the world. For example, the world-famous online services Coursera or Udemy give access to thousands of "micro-courses." Everyone can choose what they like and learn new skills in weeks or months.

Immersive learning technology – AR and VR

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) together form Extended reality (XR). It is a great step forward in the educational process. As a result, the usual boring lessons turn into something incredible, new, and practical.

XR technologies have the advantage because a person can train in simulated environments that resemble reality but do not pose a risk of harm or damage to expensive equipment or person. This approach to learning is helpful in all areas. For example, surgeons will be able to learn to perform life-saving surgical operations in Labster; those who have stage fright can practice in VirtualSpeech.

AI and automation in the classroom

Artificial intelligence (AI) definitely affects education. Of course, it does not intend to replace teachers but only improve their work and help in the learning process.

Currently, there are many methods and approaches to quality teaching, but the teacher is not always able to find an individual approach to students. One example is the Altitude Learning system founded by a Google engineer and part-funded by Facebook, which uses AI to suggest personalized learning pathways for school-age children. A similar concept is adaptive learning, in which the course adapts to meet learners ’needs as they progress through it.


While studying materials, the most challenging part for everyone is to stay focused. Each hour of re-reading monotonous information makes it less and less possible to absorb information.

Nano-learning is the solution to this problem. This concept helps to reduce training time to literally a few minutes. The main point is to keep our mind on the subject so that we are eager to get another dose of information. World-known social networks are very good at this.
Looking at these trends, it can be concluded that the educational process has undergone tremendous changes. It has become more digital and flexible. As a result, it allows anyone to adapt quickly to new realities and master new domains and skills.
The modern world requires a fast response and the ability to adapt to a new way of life. So, do not neglect the education trends that will undoubtedly help you to improve your knowledge and become a better specialist in any field you would like to work in.
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