Technology Trends For 2023

Technology Trends For 2023

13.09.23 09:44 AM By Keplercode Team

Technology Trends For 2023

Annually, Gartner, a well-respected technology research and consulting company, publishes a list of the ten most influential strategic technology trends for the year.

So, let us take a closer look at the trending technologies that are going to shape the business year 2023.

Digital immune system

Digital immune system aims to protect software from viruses and reduce operational and security risks. The main goal of the digital immune system is to instantly detect the penetration of a virus into a computer system. Then the system has to intercept, analyze, and eliminate it. The DIS also transmits the processed information about the virus to the systems running the antivirus to prevent it from entering the system in the future. Thus, the digital immune system works to increase the resilience of software products to failures and ensure the continuous operation of critical applications and services of various types of businesses.

Applied observability

Observability itself makes it possible to assess the internal state of a system based on its external output. Applied observability expands this principle. Its essence is to explore technology areas such as applications, infrastructure, network, security, and business processes in detail to understand the system's operation better and obtain valuable insights. This technology, drawing upon received data, is able to speed up response and upgrade real-time business activities or even facilitate forecasting, thus providing a competitive edge.


The following technology, introduced as AI TRiSM, stands for Artificial Intelligence Trust, Risk, and Security Management. According to Gartner Glossary, AI TRiSM "ensures AI model governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, robustness, efficacy and data protection. This includes solutions and techniques for model interpretability and explainability, AI data protection, model operations and adversarial attack resistance." Poor implementation and application of AI technology can lead to financial and reputational losses as well as harm to consumers. Therefore, AI TRiSM is an important attribute of the reliable and efficient operation of AI models and the mitigation of potential risks.

Industry cloud platforms

Industry cloud platforms are a combination of traditional cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) and industry-specific functionality. They are designed to address the specific needs of vertical industry segments where standard solution models are not sufficiently effective. Such industry-specific solutions provide more flexible workload management methods. The primary value of industry cloud platforms lies in the use of supporting innovative technologies (packaged business capabilities, industry-aware data fabrics, composability tooling), which provide organizations with the agility to adapt quickly to rapid changes.

Platform engineering

Platform engineering is the latest technology that has emerged as a counterweight to complex modern software architectures. It is represented by reusable, standardized tools and components as well as automated operations. Platform engineering aims to simplify and rationalize applying workflows and tools in software development and boost developer productivity as well.

Wireless-Value Realization

Next on Gartner's list is Wireless-Value Realization. This concept is related to the methods of implementing next-generation wireless technologies that will contribute to the provision of enhanced services and the reduction of capital costs. The development of new wireless technologies is taking place in two directions, namely the improvement of basic capabilities to cover a broader range of tasks and the ability to go beyond simple connectivity, which serves as the basis for digital innovation in many areas.


Superapps act as a platform for an ecosystem of individual independent miniapps that perform several functions and provide a relevant range of services. By selecting and activating among these applications only the necessary ones, users can create a personalized user experience. The idea of superapps envisages incorporating enterprise mobile and desktop experiences as well as supporting chatbots, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and immersive experiences like the metaverse.

Adaptive artificial intelligence

Adaptive artificial intelligence goes beyond traditional machine learning models and has a significant advantage over them due to its flexibility and rapid adaptation to unpredictable real-world changes. The main principle of adaptive AI is the ability to constantly and continuously retrain the model in the runtime and development environment. Thus, adaptive models will enable the creation of even more innovative business models, products, and services.


In general, metaverse is understood as the transformation of the physical world into the virtual one or the transfer of some physical activities there. Metaverse will be able to implement new types of digital business assets and value exchange models. According to Gartner, a complete metaverse will not depend on either devices or vendors and will have a virtual economy. It will also serve as a tool to improve human and machine customer experience.

Sustainable technologies

Sustainable technologies are aimed at preserving the principles of sustainability and minimizing the impact on the environment. They are represented by a digital solutions framework focused on achieving the enterprise's environmental, social, and governance goals. Creating a more efficient but, at the same time, green and sustainable business becomes possible through the introduction of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud services, extended and augmented reality, robotics, and many other technologies.
The ways of doing business are shifting at a tremendous speed, which requires constant staying on the ball, responding quickly to changes, and implementing new technological solutions. These all will help companies gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, following these trends can become a powerful tool in the struggle for supremacy in the world market.

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